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Industrial Greases That We Offer

VCI & Lubricants LLC distributes specialty lubricants by South Coast Products in the South East USA region. Our partnership allows the provision of high quality greases with incredible performance at a very convenient price point.

South Coast Products is a leading manufacturer of valve lubricants, thread compounds, sealants, packings and maintenance products for the oil and gas, transportation, refining and petrochemical industries. The company has built its reputation by providing products that deliver exceptional performance under the most extreme conditions, all manufactured in the USA.

We specialize in Calcium Sulfonate, Lithium Complex, Silicon based and Bentone based greases.



We can provide a wide range of specialty greases for demanding and extreme working conditions. High resistance to water washout, high temperature resistance, artic temperature resistance, biodegradability, Non toxicity and high load carrying capacity are amongst the properties that our greases can provide.

Chemola™ Desco™ Lithium Complex Grease

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High performance Lithium complex grease

Chemola™ Desco™ Lithium Complex EP is formulated as a wide-ranging multi-purpose grease with excellent extreme pressure resistance, shearability, shelf life, water resistance, and anti-corrosion properties, offering the additional protection to meet today’s high performance requirements.
It is suitable for roller bearings, ball bearings, journal bearings and extreme pressure sliding applications. Also excellent for general industrial use. It is available in any hardness ranging from NLGI 00 to NLGI 3.

Temperature range 0°F to 300°F (-18°C to 150°C).
Available in 14oz cardriges, 10 lbs pails and 35lbs buckets.

Chemola™ Desco™ WLD-120

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Wire Cable Lubricant and Dressing

Chemola™ Desco WLD-120 is a synthetic base, fast-penetrating, adhesive, thin-film, extreme pressure, light bodied wire rope lubricant made for pour-on or drip system application without heating. It reduces internal and external friction, abrasive wear and bending stresses. The special non-hardening synthetic lubricant has an affinity for metals and provides protection against corrosion from weather. A special carrier moves quickly through old grease to lubricate the important inner strands by carrying with it the needed lubricants. The penetrating chemical evaporates and leaves a micro-thin layer of lubricant on every strand. WLD-120 is effective in reducing the internal abrasion of wires rubbing against each other during the bending and stressing of the wire rope in operation.
Best suited for mining, drag lines, oilfield drilling rigs, marine cables, logging slings, crane cables, etc. It is ideal for use with IWRC, hemp and polypropylene centers. Agitate well before using. Keep container tightly closed to prevent evaporation of penetrant.

Temperature range -50°F to 350°F (-45°C to 177°C).
Available in 8 lbs pails and 40lbs buckets.


Therm-O-Plate 220

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Premium Grade Anti-Seize Paste and Protective Coating

Chemola™ Desco Therm-O-Plate 220 plates onto metal surfaces to withstand heat, pressure and wear in corrosive environments. Chemola™ Desco Therm-O-Plate 220 is water repellent, chemically resistant and non-gumming. It features a synthetic, water-resistant base that will decompose at extreme temperatures, providing dry film lubrication. Chemola™ Desco Therm-O-Plate 220 may be used on heavy, slow-speed slide applications. It is outstanding for journal and loose-tolerance bearings, but is not recommended for use with close-tolerance bearings where binding could occur due to plating on the metal surfaces. The bearings should not be over- packed as Chemola™ Desco Therm-O-Plate 220 works best as a thin film lubricant.

Temperature range -40°F to 2200°F (-40°C to 1200°C).
Available in 8 lbs pails and 40lbs buckets.


Red Bentone Grease

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High Temperature Bentone Based Grease ( 450°F)

Chemola™ Desco Red Bentone offers the ultimate in general purpose lubrication with the added property of extreme pressure lubricity. This grease is compounded from a blend of the finest mineral and synthetic oils coupled with an inorganic gelling agent. Chemola™ Desco Red Bentone Grease offers additional protection to meet today’s high performance requirements.

Recommended Uses
King pin, ball joints, bearings, slides, gears, universal joints and screws. Excellent for use on high speed bearings.

Temperature range 0°F to 450°F (-18°C to 232°C).
Available in 14oz cartdriges, 35 lbs pails and 400lbs drums.

Chemola™ Desco™

Open Gear Lube Rack and Pinion Lubricant Grease

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High Performance Open Gear Lube Rack and Pinion Lubricant

Chemola™ Desco Open Gear Lube is a polymer base gear lubricant used where equipment is subjected to extremely heavy loading and may be subjected to water. This makes it a fine choice for the legs of jack-up rigs. It has a tackiness that makes it stick well to both wet or dry surfaces. It does not melt and is extremely water resistant. It has molybdenum disulfide and other extreme pressure additives to withstand extreme pressure in slow moving, highly loaded gears.

Temperature range 0°F to 450°F (-18°C to 232°C).
Available in 14oz cartdriges, 35 lbs pails and 400lbs drums.

Chemola™ Desco™ MPG

Extreme Pressure Grease with PTFE

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Lithium Complex Grease with PTFE

Chemola™ Desco MPG formulation includes PTFE to provide the ultimate in thin film lubrication. Heat, friction and drag are reduced, protecting machinery and requiring less frequent lubrication, which helps lower maintenance cost. Its consistency is maintained even under severe operating conditions.


Temperature range 0°F to 400°F (-18°C to 204°C).
Available in 14oz cartdriges, 35 lbs pails and 400lbs drums.


Marine Grease

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Lubrication Protection in Wet Environments

Chemola™ Desco Marine Grease is a product designed and formulated to offer superior lubrication protection in wet environments, offering protection from corrosion and promoting water resistance. It is useful for all marine environments, both fresh and salt water, and offers complete lubrication under the most rigorous conditions.

Temperature range 0°F to 400°F (-18°C to 204°C).
Available in 14oz cartdriges, 35 lbs pails and 400lbs drums.

Chemola™ Desco™ 347

Die Saver Die Lube and Forging Compound Grease

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Die Lube and Forging Compound

Chemola™ Desco 347 Die Saver is a black, semi-fluid petroleum base compound developed for use in harsh, extreme temperature applications. Solid film lubrication withstands temperatures far beyond fluid capabilities. Chemola™ Desco 347 Die Saver’s semi-fluid consistency will allow excellent adhesion to hot dies. Chemola™ Desco 347 Die Saver will prevent damage to the work-piece and die, extending die life by reducing friction and preventing metal-to-metal galling.
Extreme temperatures cause the fluid portion of Chemola™ Desco 347 Die Saver to rapidly deteriorate, however, the solid lubrication film left behind will continue to protect the work-piece and die.
The fluid portion’s function is to act as a carrier for the solid lubricants.

Recommended Uses
Use in forging of carbon and high strength steels, brass and aluminum.

Available in 550lbs drums.

Chemola™ Desco™

MAG- EP2 Grease

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MoS2 Anti-Seize and Extreme Pressure High Temperature Paste

Chemola™ Desco MAG-EP2 is a general purpose non-melting lubricant with suspended molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) for special wear characteristics. It contains special additives for EP characteristics, corrosion inhibition and oxidation stability.

Recommended Uses
High temperature bearing applications, king pins, ball joints, gears, screws, kiln car bearings and hinges.

Temperature range 10°F to 500°F (-12°C to 260°C).
Available in 14oz cartdriges, 35 lbs pails and 400lbs drums.

Chemola™ Desco™

Lifeguard Grease

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Water Resistant EP Grease

Chemola™ Desco Lifeguard is an enhanced-lubricity calcium sulfonate grease with excellent water resistance, corrosion protection and extreme pressure properties. It is very stable, resistant to oxidation and high temperatures. Among other applications, it is formulated for use where exposure to harsh elements is a major consideration.

Recommended Uses
Roller bearings, ball bearings, journal bearings and extreme pressure sliding applications in marine or other exposed environments. Also excellent for general industrial use. Lifeguard can also be used as packing lubrication.

Temperature range 0°F to 450°F (-18°C to 232°C).
Available in 14oz cartdriges, 40 lbs pails and 400lbs drums.

Chemola™ Desco™

244 - Silicone Grease

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Silicone Lubricant Compound Grease

Chemola™ Desco 244 is specially formulated for expanded temperature ranges and long term lubrication in a wide variety of applications.


Recommended Uses
Chemola™ Desco 244 has an extremely low coefficient of expansion and can be used in a wide range of temperatures. It can be used on O-rings, valves, metal-on-plastic and metal-on-rubber parts, cables, and switches, as well as in aqueous solutions, hydrocarbons (high and low temperature ranges), steam and water. It is not recommended for lubricating bearings.

Do not use in oxygen service.


Temperature range -70°F to 600°F (-56°C to 315°C)
Available in 14oz cartdriges, 10 lbs pails and 40lbs buckets.


SOCO'S valve grease line can cover a very wide range of special requirements including chemical and temeprature resistance, elastomer compatibility, hidrocarbon contact resistance amongst others. We'll always have the best grease for your valves.


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Premium Oil Service Valve Grease

Chemola™ Desco™ 1055 is a state-of-the-art synthetic lubricant that is exceedingly resistant to hydrocarbons, water and hydrochloric acid. Chemola™ Desco™ 1055 is formulated with solid lubricants to provide lubrication to 600˚F.
It is specially suitable for frac applications, condensate, aliphatic hydrocarbons, butane, diesel fuel, hot asphalt, hot gases, hot oil, LPG, natural gas, sour gas and oil. Used worldwide for hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide applications.

Temperature range 0°F to 600°F (-18°C to 316°C) .
Available in 10 lbs pails or larger.


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Synthetic Oil Service Valve Grease

Chemola™ Desco™ 600 is a superior lubricant formulated for resistance to hydrocarbons. It contains 100% synthetic fluids with a non-soap thickener. Chemola™ Desco 600 is our most popular lubricant for non-sour services and is formulated for resistance to hydrocarbons, water and synthetic fluids.

Chemola™ Desco™ 600 can be used to purge and lubricate valves after hydrostatic testing. It can be used in aliphatic hydrocarbons, crude distillates, crude oil, diesel fuel, hydrocarbon liquids, kerosene, LPG, lubricating oils and natural gas.

Temperature Range -20°F to 450°F (-29°C to 232°C).
Available in 10 lbs, 40lbs y 400lbs.


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McEvoy Valve Lubricant Grease

Chemola™ Desco™ 660 is a superior gate valve lubricant and sealant formulated with 100% synthetic oils and non-soap thickeners. It is very effective in gas service (except chlorine, bromine, fluorine, and oxygen) and highly resistant to washout. It has excellent metal adhesion, corrosion resistance, extreme pressure characteristics and is water resistant.

Chemola™ Desco™ 660 can be used in contact with aliphatic hydrocarbons, alkalis, dilute acids, salt water, water, sour crude and sour gas.

Temperature Range -20°F to 450°F (-29°C to 232°C).
Available in 10 lbs, 40lbs y 400lbs.

Chemola ThreadOn™

ThredOn™ is a leading producer of tool joint and thread compounds. The line is comprised of products for drill collars, drill pipe and threaded connections large and small, as well as industrial cleaners and protective coatings.

Chemola™ThreadOn™ Klean Kote TJ

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Metal Free Tool Joint Compound

Chemola™ ThredOn™ Klean Kote TJ is a non-metallic and environmentally friendly compound for all tubular threads and is used as an alternative to metallic tool joint compounds. This premium compound is not affected by solvents, oil, mud, corrosion, mild acids, or alkalis.

Recommended Uses
Includes drill pipe, collars, tools, casings, rotary shoulders, tubing and line pipe.

Available in 10 lbs buckets.

Chemola™ ThreadOn™ Absolute Copper

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Premium Copper Drilling and Storage Compound

Chemola™ ThredOn™ Absolute Copper is a specialy formulated hybrid drilling and storage compound, developed for extreme drilling and challenging storage environments. Absolute Copper includes a high-performance corrosion inhibitor, providing excellent storage protection, while exhibiting superior running performance. Absolute Copper protects against corrosion, resists washout, and will not harden or bleed in storage.

Special Features and Benefits
High Copper content
Friction factor of 1.1 (per API RP7A1)
High temperature service rating
Applies easily and evenly
Works on entire drill string
Short- and long-term storage (up to 24 months)
Adheres to OBM covered threads better than many competitive alternatives
Versatile -- One product, two applications Lead and Zinc free


Recommended Uses
Absolute Copper is ideal in severe environments and resists corrossive gases such as hydrogen sulfide. It protects threads against galling and allows for ease of both makeup and breakout. High copper, high temperature compound for entire drill string, with storage protection. Absolute Copper can be used for all drilling applications (rotary-shouldered connections), including high temperature environments. It is also effective for use on slides, jacking systems, cantilever type rigs and assemblies.


Temperature range 0°F to 500°F (-18°C to 260°C).
Available in 30 lbs pails.

Water Based Degreasers and Maintenance Aids



We are able to offer high quality cleaners specialy to remove oil based stains and dirt from all kinds of equipment. Formulations available with high levels of biodegradability and low to no VOCs make up an effective product palette to solve most industrial cleaning needs.


Clean & Green

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Chemola™ Desco Clean & Green biodegradable wash is a non-phosphate, solvent-free, biodegradable, non-toxic cleaner concentrate that is more powerful against oil and grease than its heavy-duty butyl based predecessors. This cleaner has special biodegradable surfactants coupled with non-toxic sequestrants and dispersing agents that provide enhanced wetting and cleaning power without harming metal surfaces or irritating skin. May be used with steam cleaner, power washer, floor scrubber, brush, mop or cloth.


Available 5 gallon pails and 55 gallon drums



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Frees Corroded and Frozen Valves

Chemola™ Desco™ Valve Cut is a formulated multi-ingredient, semi-fluid combination of penetrants and lubricants designed to dissolve and cut residual gums, laquer deposits, inert solids and corrosion deposits that make valves non-functioning and hard to operate.
Although not all valves are recoverable with Valve Cut, with periodic use many operators have found that valves remain operable through years of usage under severe conditions with.

Recommended Uses
For neglected valves. Helps to free frozen and non-sealing valves so that routine maintenance can be commenced. When the valve is again operational Chemola™ Desco™ Valve Cut must be purged from the valve by injecting the recommended Chemola™ Desco™ Synthetic Lubricant/Sealant for the particular service of the valve.

Temperature Range -40°F to 400°F (-90°C to 204°C).
Available in 10 lbs or larger presentations


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