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What Are Flash Rust Inhibitors And Why Do I Need Them For Wet Blasting?

Flash Rust is the corrosion that occurs during the drying process when a clean metal part is exposed to air unprotected. When performing a dustless blasting or wet blasting procedure, metal surfaces are subject to rusting very rapidly. Rust Inhibitors can prevent this problem by either mixing them with the blasting media or by forming a rinse solution after the blasting process is finished. This additives are only ment to protect from rust in a short period of time. When longer protection is required, other compatible Rust Preventives can further protect the blasted metal surfaces.


Why is VpCI®-611 your best choice when looking for a dustless blasting corrosion inhibitor?

VpCI®-611 is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and contains no nitrite or phosphate inhibitors. VpCI-611 is safe, economical to use, and easy to dispose of. Welding after application will not cause toxic fumes during welding.


VpCI®-611 Wet Blasting Anti-rust Additive Technical Data


Hydroblasting Flash Rust Prevention Additive | Rust Blasting Additive | Dilute 1:40 In Water | Made In USA | Mutimetal | Bulk | Concentrate
vpci-611 clean

VpCI®-611 is a water-based rust preventive concentrate for water blasting, wet abrasive blasting, hydrotesting, fire sprinkler water systems, or preservation. It contains contact and vapor phase corrosion inhibitors capable of protecting uncoated surfaces. VpCI® treatment can be removed from the metal surface with water or any conventional washing procedure . In most cases, VpCI® -611 need not be removed prior to painting or coating.
Mix VpCI®-611 lightly, by hand or motorized blade, to a uniform consistency before use.
For wet abrasive blasting and water blasting, add VpCI®-611 concentrate directly to the blasting media. After blasting allow the freshly blasted surface to dry.
For hydrotesting, add VpCI®-611 concentrate directly to the hydrotest water. Either leave the solution in or drain it out.
For preservation of sandblasted surfaces, add VpCI®-611 to water and spray the freshly cleaned surfaces with the solution.

Appearance Clear Yellow Liquid
Film Type None
Flash Point Not applicable
Removal Methods Alkaline cleaners and solvents (VpCI-414)
Density 8.5-8.7 lb/gal (1.02-1.04 kg/l)
VOCs (ASTM D3960) N A
Solids Volume N A
Carrier Water
pH 9-10 (Neat)


VpCI®-611 is packaged in 5 gallon (19 liter) plastic pails.


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