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Cortec 101 | Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors Introduction | VCI Basics Costs And Benefits
Introduction To Rust Preventive Products | Industrial Assets Preservation


Cortec 101 | Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors Introduction | VCI Basics Costs And Benefits

Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors Provide Protection In Three Phases: Liquid Phase, Vapor Phase and Interphase Protection

From packaged products stored indoors to products located outdoors in adverse conditions, the new generation VpCI®/ MCI® technology makes it more profitable to solve a corrosion problem than to ignore it.

For example, you can:

• Fog a heat exchanger in a few minutes and eliminate your shipping and storage corrosion problems.

• Protect on-site, operational electric circuitry for pennies a day.

• Easily spray valve flanges and stems with an outdoor coating for extended protection.

• Boost the protection of your lubricating oils with an additive effective for multimetal systems.

These four examples show how Cortec’s VpCI®/MCI® technology successfully solves problems caused by impractical conventional corrosion treatments.

How Cortec® VpCI®/MCI® Cuts Cost

Use Cortec® technology in each stage of the product’s lifecycle, starting from the production of metal stock to actual use in the field. When properly applied, Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor technology substantially cuts time and cost throughout the entire product life cycle: manufacturing, storage, shipping, and field service. Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor technology products eliminate the extra processing steps such as cleaning, degreasing, rust removal, pickling, sandblasting, and reprotecting. You will have less re-work, fewer rejects, improved quality, reduced rust claims, and extended equipment life.


When you use Cortec® products, you can rely on our corrosion protection to prolong the service life of your products. Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor technology protects during manufacturing, storage, shipping, operation, and shutdown. Cortec® waterbased or oil-based barrier coatings protect from atmospheric corrosion. Cortec® additives protect from corrosive environments and contaminants. In cases where equipment or systems require layup, temporary shutdown, or longterm mothballing, Cortec® products can be applied quickly with little or no surface preparation (depending on the product). Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor technology technology provides corrosion protection to external and internal metal surfaces and parts. The degree of protection needed is based on the severity of the environment and the length of exposure to corrosive elements. The protected system will be ready for immediate use when needed.

Most Popular VCI products We Offer

VCI Packagings

For more information and specs on VCI packaging visit our specific website


VCI Films and Bags

We offer recyclable VCI plastic sheeting and bags that come in many sizes and shapes. From small top-seal bags that protect nuts and bolts, to 30 foot (9.1 m) wide heavy duty sheeting for storing giant industrial equipment outdoors.

VCI Papers

We make available coated papers that are recyclable and fully-repulpable which provide corrosion protection options in widths nearing 100 inches for large single item packaging, parts or any other metal surface that requires corrosion protection.


VCI Emitters

For more information and specs on VCI emitters visit our specific website

VCI emitters (such as Cortec® VpCI® - 101) are a revolutionary concept to provide an extra dose of Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors for small or large packages needing additional protection against corrosion during shipping, operation or storage.

• Foams and Fabrics contain up to 10 times more VpCI® than papers and films
• Fast emissions and saturation allows quick shipments of pre served equipment
• Available with static dissipative properties and in custom sizes and shapes
• Lightweight allowing lower cost handling, transport, and storage
• Easy dosage using pre-measured units and sizes

Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor Technology In Spray Cans

For more information and specs on VCI products in spray cans, please visit our specific website

water treatment

We work tightly with Cortec's Spray Technologies to make available to our customers a broad range of VCI technology based products in easy-to-spray packaging. Ranging from spray pumps (which don't contain propellants and therefore are usually safe for air shipping), bag-on-valve EcoAir® aerosols and some traditional aerosols; Cortec® Spray Technologies has provided quality manufacturing for over forty years and is quickly becoming one of the major aerosol-chemical suppliers to the electrical, electronic, industrial, maintenance and repair industries. Having a dedicated facility at our disposal with numerous filling lines to handle a wide variety of package sizes makes us a highly reliable and dependable supplier of rust preventive sprays and lubricants.

Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor Technology For Water Medium Applications (Water Treatment)

For more information and specs on water treatment VCI, please visit our specific website

water treatment

Asset Preservation

Corrosion is a threat to the integrity, value, and efficient operation of common industrial assets such as boilers, closed loops, and evaporative cooling water systems. Proper preservation of these assets during layup is critical to ensuring long service life and smooth operations when bringing the equipment back online. Cortec’s highly effective corrosion solutions help keep your assets in good condition while minimizing downtime and labor costs.


Short-Term/Long-Term Layup

Whether your equipment will be offline for two weeks or two years, Cortec® offers outstanding layup strategies for keeping your equipment corrosion-free and making it easy to bring back into operation. Many of Cortec’s products contain Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors that offer multi-phase protection—forming a self-replenishing molecular barrier below the surface of the water, in void spaces above water, and at the air-water interface. This allows the flexibility of protection in either dry or wet layup—for the long-term, on standby, and sometimes even during operation.

Safer, Simpler Alternatives To Corrosion Prevention Under And Over Water Level

We offers a wide range of corrosion solutions that are much safer and/or simpler to use compared to standard protection methods. You can replace the cumbersome use of desiccants and avoid the hazards associated with nitrogen blanketing and hydrazine. With organic corrosion inhibitors that are also generally easier to discharge into municipal wastewater systems than traditional inorganic inhibitors that do not biodegrade. This water chemistry allows you to replace nitrites, molybdates, phosphonates, and phosphates.


VCI Rust Preventative Oils And VCI Oil Additives

For more information and specs on VCI oils and additives, please visit our specific website

VCI oil

We specialize in offering VCI Oils and VCI Oil additives that are formulated to meet every need. The criteria to determine the most suitable product for a specific application we must take into account the following aspects:

  1. Balance between vapor phase protection and contact protection
  2. Which metals are present that need protection
  3. Particle size allowable to avoid filter clogging
  4. Outdoors or Indoors effectiveness
  5. Cost/ performance balance
  6. Compatibility with lubricants recommended by equipment manufacturers
  7. Seals compatibility
  8. Effective only for mothballing or for working applications


In any case we are always able to provide the best solution to you oil based rust prevention needs.



Our most popular VCI Oil, Oil additive and VCI Fuel Additives are the following ones:


VpCI®-329 - Oil Base Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI Oil additive)

VCI oil

VpCI®-329 is an oil-based vapor corrosion inhibiting concentrate for use with lubricating, hydraulic, and preservation oils that provides outstanding protection in sheltered outdoor and indoor conditions. VpCI®-329 Oil Base Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor protects in two unique ways by offering a film layer, which clings to metal surfaces and also provides lots of vapor phase inhibitors into the air above the oil level. The vapors condense and form a protective barrier over the metal that is not in contact with the oil. This combination allows complete protection to internals of machinery that remains idle.


VpCI®-329 is packaged in 5 gallon (19 liter) plastic pails, 55 gallon (208 liter) metal drums, totes, and bulk.

The product should be sealed before storage.

Agitate before each use.


VpCI®-707 - Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor Additive For Fuel (VCI Fuel Additive)

VCI fuel additive

VpCI®-707 is a specially formulated fuel Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor additive designed to protect fuel systems from corrosion and sludge formation during operation, storage, or shipment. It effectively provides corrosion protection in the fuel system not only in direct contact with the treated fuel, but also in the vapor space above the fuel line. VpCI®-707 can be effectively used as a fuel additive for day-to-day operation, intermittent operation, preservation, and long term storage.

In-use gasoline or diesel tanks:

Add VpCI®-707 directly to gasoline or diesel fuel in blending, storage, or vehicle tanks.

Dosage: 0.02 - 0.2% per volume of tank to be protected.

Storage and shipment of dry fuel tanks: Fog VpCI®-707 concentrate into tank, covering as much internal surface area as possible.


VpCI®-707 is available in 5 gallon (19 liter) pails, 55 gallon (208 liter) drums, liquid totes, and bulk.

Store closed in the original container at 40-100 °F (4.4-37.8 °C).


MCI® - Migratory Corrosion Inhibitors For Reinforced Concrete Structures

For more information and specs on MCI® visit our specific website


VCI oil

Migratory Corrosion Inhibitors are based on amine alcohols and amine carboxylates. They are classified as mixed inhibitors, meaning they provide both anodic and cathodic protection on a corrosion cell. MCI® is applied in many forms including as a concrete admixture or a topical treatment. It moves as a liquid through the concrete matrix via capillary action and migrates in a vapor phase throughout the concrete pore structure. When MCI® comes in contact with embedded metals, it has an ionic attraction to them and forms a protective molecular layer. This film prevents corrosive elements such as chlorides or carbon dioxide from further reacting with the reinforcement and also reduces existing corrosion rates, greatly extending concrete service life.

Increased durability will mean fewer repairs, greater structural integrity, and a longer service life, all leading to greater sustainability. MCI is made from a renewable raw material, enabling users to earn certain LEED credits. It is an excellent addition to building projects around the world seeking to meet sustainability standards such as the Estidama Pearl Rating System and BREEAM.

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